Science is stronger when we include groups that have faced barriers to participating in science, and when the public understands the value of scientific research.

I strive to widen participation in science by helping non-native English-speakers publish their science, publishing about research in popular venues, and presenting my research to the public (at right: teaching western bluebird biology to a group from
Tularcitos Elementary School in 2010).

Editorial Assistance Program
Papers submitted by first authors from non-English-speaking nations are significantly less likely to be accepted (Tregenza 2002). In order to help rectify this disparity, I have contributed my time as a Volunteer Editor for the Association of Field Ornithologists Editorial Assistance Program since 2006. The AFO Editorial Assistance Program is a free service, and does not require that authors submit their manuscripts to the AFO journal; the mission of the program is to help authors who are non-native English speakers to improve English usage in their manuscripts. Please join me in volunteering for the AFO EAP, and tell your non-native English-speaking colleagues about this service.

Articles in Living Bird and BirdScope

Video about western bluebird research

For young scientists: how to complete a successful science fair project
(from the Santa Fe Alliance for Science)

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